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Busy Bean Coffee Launches Advanced Brewing System Demo for Local Businesses

As anyone who has been to a chain or gourmet coffee house would likely point out, there is something special about a great cup of coffee. This is evidenced by the fact Americans are prepared to pay 5 or 6 dollars for a Cappuccino or a Latte. In fact, specialty coffee demand has skyrocketed an estimated 20 percent of late according to a recent report from the National Coffee Association.

In spite of the surging demand and growing expectations in this regard, a number of people who have spent time in an office, hotel or workplace point out typical refreshments fall short of the public's anticipation. Specialty coffee enthusiasts across the nation appear to be ready for an overhaul in this realm.

As a general rule, coffee drinkers view coffee as the fuel responsible for keeping them going; at the same time, many consider it the foundation of a productive workforce. Certain studies link coffee to increased productivity in the workplace as long as those on the receiving end are satisfied with the available options. Conversely, most companies offer only instant, drip or pod coffee. This often leaves employees and guests less than content and searching elsewhere for their daily caffeine fixes. For employers, the cost of related missed time can potentially add up; not to mention, those in the hospitality industry could face poor reviews as a result.

One company has taken a stance to change the industry. Florida-based Busy Bean Coffee is bringing the Coffee House taste directly to the public. Since 2014, Busy Bean Coffee has been partnering with businesses to change the way they look at their workplace and hospitality services.

“We wanted to bring more than just coffee to offices; we wanted to bring them an experience,” said Travis Estes, Busy Bean’s Co-Founder and Managing Director.

Busy Bean Coffee has been receiving positive reviews from businesses. Those partnering with Busy Bean Coffee are also generating a buzz among employees and customers. Employers point to a rise in productivity, and businesses say they are consistently receiving four and five-star Google reviews mentioning the coffee.

One large hotel in Jacksonville, FL received nine Trip Advisor reviews on its coffee during the first month after partnering with Busy Bean as a vendor. It led them to land two very lucrative travel group contracts known for booking 30 to 60 rooms at a time.

Among the selection available through Busy Bean Coffee are Cappuccinos, Cafe Lattes, Cafe Mochas and Espressos. Those beverages fall in line with the nation's 39 most preferred coffee-based beverages as noted in the previously mentioned report from the NCA. Busy Bean Coffee provides high-end by equipment with what has been deemed the most advanced Coffee Delivery System in the industry, the Busy Bean Barista. As a fully computerized in-house coffee barista, the Busy Bean Barista uses fresh, organic whole-bean coffee to produce specialty drinks at the push of a button.

Busy Bean sources coffee directly and provides new equipment with advanced technology to create Coffee House flavor and taste at a fraction of the price," concluded Estes, "Why not impress your customers and show your employees how valued they are by giving them the Coffee Delivery Service Florida residents are raving about? By partnering with Busy Bean Coffee, you could lower your cost per cup compared to your current coffee service by up to 50 percent. Start making your employees feel valued and create frenzied fans out of your customers. Break expectations, and take it to the next level with Busy Bean Coffee! Book your trial now!"


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